PROPELEV X4S Off-Road Skateboard PROPELEV X4S Off-Road Skateboard PROPEL EV
PROPELEV X4S Off-Road Skateboard PROPELEV X4S Off-Road Skateboard PROPEL EV
PROPELEV X4S Off-Road Skateboard PROPELEV X4S Off-Road Skateboard PROPEL EV
PROPELEV X4S Off-Road Skateboard PROPELEV X4S Off-Road Skateboard PROPEL EV


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Extra Battery
2021 X4S
Basic Specifications
Length 46.4 inches/1180mm
Width 22 inches/560mm
Height 13.8 inches/352mm
Wheel Size 10 inches/254mm
Ground Clearance 155mm/6.1inches
Maximum Payload

264lb/120kg (Mechanical)

198lb / 90kg (Recommended)

Chassis Alloy Multilink Independent suspension
Tyre pressure 2bar/29psi
Board weight 60lb/27kg
Electrical Control
1 fast swap battery pack range 27km/17miles
2 fast swap battery packs range 54km/34miles
Battery 21Ah/756Wh
Battery weight 8.81lb/4kg
Shock absorber Adjustable 150lb coil over shocks
Motors 4x6374 brushless motors 
/Each motor has a maximum theoretical output of 3000w
Transmission 4xBelt Drive
Hill Climb 35%
Recharge Time 5hrs
Top Speed 45kph/27mph
Brakes Regenerative braking
Manipulation Mode
Remote Controller Wireless 2.4G
Speed level Low:7km/h;
Pro:35km/h(High torque)
Cruise control
Controller High Voltage Protection
Low Voltage Return Warning
Remote Control Low Voltage Display
Motor High Temperature Warning


[1] The SPECS are based on the 75kg rider, the SPECS are affected by the rider's riding habits, riding environment, etc., too

[2] 120kg is the Maximum Mechanical Payload. To ensure the performance of the X4S, the recommended weight is less than 90kg.


The X4S line isn’t mass-produced. There are no pre-built X4S units on hand. Every X4S purchased will behand-built by our senior engineer only once ordered.

Sea shipping to the USA takes 1.5-2 months. To EU and CA take 2.5-3 months. To AU takes around 2 months.

For other regions and countties, please contact

Propel EV prioritizes delivering orders in a timely manner. Propel EV may, at its discretion, fulfill orders in less than the factory lead time.

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Why the X4S?

Power system

Up to 45km/h experience and efficient transmission ratio

Off Road

Born for cross-country and favored by cross-country players

Smart ESC

Time sheed intelligently, linear control is more smooth

Independent Suspension

X4S with the structure of a car makes turning and damping is easier

Carbon Fiber Deck

Deck is handcrafted
and ergonomic

Samsung 18650 Battery

Up to 1000 times charge and discharge

X4S is designed by well-known players in the Esk8 industry and created by PROPEL EV

Up to 85% of the self-developed parts are mainly made of alloy. Inspired by the miniaturization of off-road vehicles, an all-terrain off-road electric skateboard with extreme road conditions are designed for off-road players. The new upgraded X4S has successfully entered more than 20 countries and regions. In the field of electric off-road skateboards, it has an excellent reputation. Loved by outdoor enthusiasts.

Strong Power and Excellent Performace

Climb: 35%

Rider (75kg - 85kg)

Top Speed: 45km/h

Custom high-quality 6374*4 brushless motor. The power of the board can be up to 6000W.

Range: 27km

Each battery's range is 27km. The board with 2 batteries will be the best choice.

AWD 4*4 Drive

4*6374-6000W high power DC brushless motor provides super torque power.

Extra Long Endurance

X4S has a high capacity lithium-ion battery, independent charging mode, and technology that can quickly replace battery braking technology based on the regenerative braking principle. The X4S will be fully charged in 4.2h and the battery is fast-replacement.

Intelligent Remote

Accurate gear design brings you a more delicate and silky control experience. The remote control can show: the current speed, the cumulative mileage, the battery level of remote and board's battery.

[LO < 8km; MI < 15km; HI < 45km; PRO < 45km]

The X4S has 4-gear acceleration/brake control
adjustable according to the rider's actual situation

155mm Ground Clearance

The high ground clearance benefits from the strong grip of the X4S 10-inch tire, and the passability and stability are stronger than other brands of off-road skateboards. The 155mm ground clearance can easily cross obstacles.

Reset Spring

There are four repositioned springs in the front and rear, which contain a carefully calibrated column damping block, which gives a precise linear feeling and support for turning

A Geek of Mechanics

Multi-link construction,50mm spring, and high strength alloy support the X4S's unmatched off-road performance

Torsion Bar

The torsion bar is in the board's body, and the two ends are fixed with screws, which ensures the
rigidity and stability of the vehicle structure under extreme off-road conditions