2021 X4S
Basic Specifications
Length 46.4 inches/1180mm
Width 22 inches/560mm
Height 13.8 inches/352mm
Wheel Size 10 inches/254mm
Ground Clearance 155mm/6.1inches
Maximum Payload

264lb/120kg (Mechanical)

198lb / 90kg (Recommended)

Chassis Alloy Multilink Independent suspension
Tyre pressure 2bar/29psi
Board weight 60lb/27kg
Electrical Control
1 fast swap battery pack range 27km/17miles
2 fast swap battery packs range 54km/34miles
Battery 21Ah/756Wh
Battery weight 8.81lb/4kg
Shock absorber Adjustable 150lb coil over shocks
Motors 4x6374 brushless motors 
/Each motor has a maximum theoretical output of 3000w
Transmission 4xBelt Drive
Hill Climb 35%
Recharge Time 5hrs
Top Speed 45kph/27mph
Brakes Regenerative braking
Manipulation Mode
Remote Controller Wireless 2.4G
Speed level Low:7km/h;
Pro:35km/h(High torque)
Cruise control
Controller High Voltage Protection
Low Voltage Return Warning
Remote Control Low Voltage Display
Motor High Temperature Warning


[1] The SPECS are based on the 75kg rider, the SPECS are affected by the rider's riding habits, riding environment, etc., too

[2] 120kg is the Maximum Mechanical Payload. To ensure the performance of the X4S, the recommended weight is less than 90kg.