X4S Fast-Swap Battery

X4S Fast-Swap Battery

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21Ah : Using 18650 battery, 10S6P, SAMSUNG battery cell, maximum discharge current 60A, working voltage 30-42v.
  The cruising range of a single battery for 4WD is 27 kilometers.

Please kindly notice that when you purchase parts, you may be charged certain taxes by the customs.

If you prefer receiving the general parts (General Parts means that it's the parts without magnetism, electricity) early, please order general parts and battery separately.

This is a Battery. Once your order is captured, the tracking number will be sent within 5-7 working days. Please pay attention to your spam box too. However, please kindly notice that the tracking info won’t be updated until the customs clearance is done in the destination country, which means if the tracking number is updated, your parts will arrive within 7 working days.

The battery shipping takes 3- 5 weeks, here’s the shipping process for order includes battery for your reference:

When your order includes battery, your order need to be shipped out via Hong Kong. Your order will be sent to our forwarder first (Chinese local delivery takes 3-5 days) and then the forwarder send it to HK (3-5 days). For parts with large batteries, it is necessary to wait for a special flight, and the general waiting time is 1-2 weeks and that’s why the battery delivery time takes longer than accessories with batteries ( such as light). Arriving at the destination and waiting for the customs clearance, it takes 3-4 working days for customs clearance. After customs clearance is completed, the local carrier will pick up the package and the tracking number will be updated. And the local land shipping takes 3-7 working days.

* Generally, the parts will be
shipped after your board is delivered.

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