Assembled 21X4S DIY Version
2021 X4S DIY Version WITHOUT Batteries, ESC & Motors - PROPEL EV

Assembled 21X4S DIY Version

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When one of the largest and most respected hack & engineering modification Youtube channels on the planet chose the X4S in their quest to build the ultimate electric skateboard you know we had to create a DIY version for anyone else who wants to follow suit. Independent suspension system? It’s here! Carbon fiber deck? You got it. The DIY version contains all the parts and spare parts assembled into the whole of the 2021 X4S but excludes the batteries, ESC and motors and needs to be assembled manually by yourself.
Components included:
Main Suspension Frame (with transmission/no transmission)
Battery Holder
Carbon Fiber Deck
Tire Kit
Standard Parts Kits
Note: Propel EV promises that all kits of the DIY version and X4S use the same spare parts. Propel EV is only responsible for the quality assurance of the parts themselves. Due to the different assembly process of each person, and even the replacement of some parts which are not made by Propel EV, we cannot distinguish such situations, so we do not guarantee the performance or quality of any unique build.

DIY related parts need to be prepared separately, the preparation cycle takes 7-20 working days, and FedEx air shipping takes 3-7 working da. For more details, please contact

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